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tell your rich friends about me

Almost all of my works are free. Unfortunately, both food and rent are not free, and both are getting kinda expensive where I live.

If you like what I do, please consider supporting me financially (or non-financially, see below).

Donations #

This is the part where I'm asking for money.

Note: There are a number of ways to send me money via the wonders of modern technology, but all of them involve third parties taking a cut and collecting data about the both of us. If you're like me and you don't like this one bit, feel free to contact me about it but please, don't send me any Bitcoins or anything of the sort.

I have zero illusions about turning this into my day job (haha) but I think right now the best way to support me is to hit the Support This button on one of my PWYW games on itch.io and spend some money there. Ten percent of it goes directly to them, and another percentage to their payment processor, but itch.io is a great platform for game developers, and I think they deserve every penny of those 10%.

Alternatively you can buy me an imaginary cup of coffee at ko-fi and leave a message there, or send a donation directly to my PayPal thing.

I also have a Patreon page and they do take fees as well, but pledging amounts there might get you access to unreleased stuff I'm working on in return.

Every little bit helps.
Thank you.

You're Cool and All but I'm Poor as Hell, Also the Arctic is Literally ON FIRE, Insects Are Dying, Anti-Intellectualism Rules the World, Fascists Everywhere Are Stoking Up Old Fears and Prejudice, the Oceans Are Boiling and Full of Plastic and There's a Pandemic Why Isn't This Our #1 Priority #

Look, I get it.

Believe me, I know. It's 2020 and everybody I know is struggling. Don't worry about me, okay?

Despite what capitalism so desperately wants us to believe, there are ways to support artists that don't involve any money. And there is art out there, historically almost all of it, that exists for reasons other than money.

You, Me, everyone who's struggling. We have worth, even without "success". Repeat after me: I am enough.

But then there is also word of mouth: If you have some free time and energy to spare, try spreading the word about my work. Like my games? Tell your friends, leave a review or post a link on your social media.

These past few years got me feeling that sincerely and unironically liking things is pretty uncool nowadays. Only influencers do it, right? If you don't want to be my shill online, that's fine too. Shitpost away. We all need our ways to cope.

Maybe, though, consider emailing me. There's a special folder in my mail box where I keep those rare beautiful messages I got from complete strangers from the other side of the planet.

Every little bit helps.

Feeling inspired? Go make something, anything, but keep it small, and remember to take care of yourself (that phrase sounds so silly and empty now but I really mean it). Just be aware there's a certain amount of privilege involved in being able to work creatively in the first place. Not everybody can afford this, don't look down on people who can't.

Existential dread due to the impending climate catastrophe, the prospect of global human suffering on an unimaginable scale within the next 50 years? Yeah, me too. I'm scared all the time. I'm having a real hard time staying focused lately given everything that's been going on. I'm scared of the future. It's hard. I'm scared.

Make rent, help others do the same.

Anyway, thanks for reading all this.

Take care,

P.S. OK seriously now, got any rich friends? Try talking to them about my work. You know, the ones who like giving money to game designers and net artists like us.