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I've worked with Superlevel for a number of years, doing videogame journalism, podcasts, and mixtapes. I've also hosted a whole minecraft server for Superlevel between 2010 and 2012 which technically got featured on German Kids' TV once.

Superlevel was a (German-language) indie game journalism webblog and, for a long time, the biggest and most popular of its kind, in our little niche corner. We regularly got international attention with our coverage and hijinks, which amongst other things included a fake Diablo 3 keygen, a review written in twine, and extremely in-depth analyses about kentucky route zero.

Insert Moin #

Not to be confused with a later, bigger, way more popular German Podcast that adopted the name. Our original version of Insert Moin only ran for two episodes. The idea was that Fabu would call me extremely early in the morning, pester me with game-related bs and record my (extremely) confused self.

Indie Fresse #

Indie Fresse (a German pun, something like "right on the kisser") was our podcast specifically about "Indie" games. We were kindly joined by monoxyd who brought his professional-level radio skills to the table, and we semi-regularly talked about new indie game releases we thought were worthwhile.