~/../ Dear Chancellor

Late Capitalism

Screenshot of Dear Chancellor deploying her Merkelraute

Dear Chancellor was my entry to Ludum Dare 32.

The given theme was An Unconventional Weapon. It was kind of a last-minute project and an experiment into just how over the top I can go.

Best played in Chrome-based and WebGL-enabled browsers. Seriously, don’t even attempt to play this in Safari, it will look like ass and the audio probably won’t work properly. Don’t be a Safari.

You can play it for free here on my site or on itch.io.

(Be sure to right-click to activate the Unconventional Weapon!)

Another screenshot of the game 'Dear Chancellor'
A third 'Dear Chancellor' screenshot

Press & Recognition #

Dear Chancellor was featured in issue 8 of the German WASD Magazine. Roman Lehnhof wrote an article titled Freiheit macht arm, which later got republished in the "Games-Kultur" ressort of ZEIT ONLINE.

Photo of the article featuring Dear Chancellor