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I don't know how to live, but I got a lot of toys

Me #

Hello there,

I'm Jeremy Lonien.

My pronouns are he/they.

I go by Ludonaut online.

I'm a game designer and net artist.

I make art, websites, toys, electronics, bots, installations, and more.

My work is more about communicating ideas and less about making art.

I try to keep a list of all the projects I've done.

This place #

...is a low-tech website, designed to be environmentally sustainable and climate-friendly by generating a minimal carbon footprint on my end, on the server side, and in browsers.

It does not contain JavaScript, will not try to set or read any cookies, doesn't do analytics of any kind, and it won't load fonts, or any external assets, from third-party domains. This means that it cannot and will not track you.

All pages on this website are static. This means they are generated once, ahead of time, and not repeatedly for every request. All images are compressed and converted to dithered 1-bit black-and-white, and are not downloaded until they enter the viewport. Embedded videos are also highly compressed and not unnecessarily preloaded, and will only display a preview frame until started manually.

The computers serving this website are powered by renewable energy.